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 11 - 12 September in Piazzale Zenith: Septemberfest 2019


Bibione is renowned for its sun, sea and sand. However, it is also a vibrant little town with an array of shops that can cater marvellously to your every need. Whether you want to revitalize your look with some international brands, you are looking for something original or very practical for the beach, or you want a cushion or a maritime knick-knack to make your house feel more like a home, you should take a stroll around Via Orsa Maggiore.

There are lots of shops to suit all tastes and needs: from designer clothing to ethnic-style sun dresses and from fashionable court shoes to sandals !!!



Bibione’s Valgrande and Vallesina are both embanked fishing valleys of tremendous natural value, classified in 1993 as “local heritage walking sites”. Together, these valleys cover a vast area of around 475 hectares including 320 water sources, such as water basins, canals and mill ponds as well as reed beds, forests and farming fields.