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Beach Mini club:
10-12.30 and 16-18.00

What a surprise is Bibione! Its beach is 8 km long, the crystalline sea as been awarded with 24 blue flags, lot of options and the hectares of incontaminated nature make this city a perfect destination for the holidays of every family.

The free beach service of the Alexander Hotel includes lodging under a beach umbrella, one sunbed and a beach lounger.

From June to September the beach offers sports (volleyball, swimming and basket ball), and a Mini Club with board games and environmental workshops. For young children (from 3 - 5) there is a Baby Club with a baby-sitting service so that mum and dad can relax under their beach umbrella.


Private Beach Hotel Alexander Bibione


Bibione has one of the biggest beaches in Italy !!!

It is a huge 8 kilometres long and up to 400 metres wide in some places. It is also one of the most beautiful and efficiently run beaches in the country. The umbrellas and deck chairs provided are always new, in the “Nuovo Posto al Sole” area there are bigger gaps between the umbrellas, there are 8 service zones with beach huts, showers and nurseries, and there are special facilities and services for disabled people. Visitors can stop off at any one of the many refreshment areas for a light lunch or an ice cream and they can take advantage of the Wi-Fi network, the beach shuttle and the online booking system. There is even a special area called “Pluto’s Beach” where dogs are welcome. An umbrella and a deck chair are included in the price for guests staying in hotels or accommodation run by agencies.

child- friendly beach Bibione hotel Alexander